A Cidade Dourada – The Golden City

Impressões de uma Portuguesa, de Lisboa, em Lanzhou, China. – Impressions of a Portuguese, from Lisbon, in Lanzhou, China.

Autumnal Lanzhou

Here you are. China. Desert city of Lanzhou. With some surprise I notice that I missed your dust, your mountains made of earth, your glimmerings, the Chinese people that inhabit you. True it it, that little by little I learned how to love the Chinese population, with all their characteristics so different, good and bad. Because you are different, curious, diligent, kind, without evil thoughts, without evil thoughts, I became enchanted with you. And you know, here, in China, I found medicine for deep wounds. As the little fishes that clean the feet piece by piece, from all fungi, you also, piece by piece, cleaned the fungi of my corrupted soul, opening space so that it could regenerate itself. In you I suffered and loved, as it would happen in any other place. But I loved more than what I have suffered. In the end, only what is good remains. Cancers kill or are eliminated from the body, in any way they cannot live. Extorting in this way the evils of the soul, I found myself with room to love you, you, China, with all your imposing and marvelous landscapes, with all the flux of your culture old and new. The face of your people, candid, innocent. God must love you very much, because He made so many of you.


Lanzhou Outonal

Aqui estás. China. Cidade desértica de Lanzhou. E não é que tinha saudades da tua poeira, das tuas montanhas de terra, dos teus reflexos, dos chinesinhos que te habitam? Verdade seja, que aos poucos, fui aprendendo a amar a população chinesa, com todas as suas caracteríticas tão diferentes, boas e más. Porque és diferente, curiosa, diligente, amável, sem maldade, sem maldade, fui-me encantando contigo. E sabes, aqui, na China, encontrei remédio para feridas profundas. Como os peixinhos que vão limpando os pés bocadinho a bocadinho, de todos os fungos, assim vós, bocadinho a bocadinho, fostes limpando os fungos da minha alma corroída, e abrindo espaço para que se regenerasse. Em ti sofri e amei, como aconteceria em qualquer outro lugar. Mas amei mais do que aquilo que sofri. No final, só o que é bom é que permanece. Os câncros matam ou são eliminados do corpo, de forma nenhuma permitem viver. Extorpiando assim os males da alma, encontrei-me com espaço para te amar, a ti, China, com toda a imponência das tuas maravilhosas paisagens, com todo o fluxo da tua cultura antiga e nova. O rosto das tuas gentes, cândido, inocente. Deus deve amar-vos muito, porque fez tantos de vós.

Lisbon Revisited

I love you. I visited you once more. There you were, permanent, calm, splendorous without sumptuosity. I reread you again. You are, indeed, different – but because you grew, because you know how to renovate yourself, because you are not stagnant in time but adjust to those who want you, finding new ways of serving them. Now I know you will always be you, now I know, that there always will be room for me in you. Metropolis. You are still full of color, of the color of those who came, fruit of our journeys cross the seas. Those who departed in the tides came to enrich you – so as I, I parted to come back one day and make you richer, and extol my nation. Now I am ambassador in far nations that seldom heard about our dear country – our little paradise. People, people of mine, my people, why are you so sad under the beam of sunshine of the late afternoon in the bushes? Do not let yourselves get drown in your tears because you are strong, I know well how strong you are. Do not let yourselves fall in the abyss, people of mine. Have the soul and the heart deep as the ocean, as you should, and act light as the caravels that slip in the high sea. Our homeland is already on the half way to the homeland where we shall go one day, appreciate this gift.

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